Covid-19 at a Glance

COVID-19, also called the novel coronavirus, is a respiratory illness caused by a virus, first identified in Wuhan, China. The virus causes inflammation and mucus build-up in the lungs. Precise origins of the virus is unknown but it likely that the virus originated in animals.

What are the causes?

Humans may catch the virus by

  • Breathing droplets from an infected person

  • Touching objects that have been exposed to the virus

  • Touching or eating uncooked meat of an animal that may carry the virus

What increases the risk?

You are more likely to develop this condition if you:

  • Live in or travel to an area with a COVID-19 outbreak

  • Come in contact with a person tested Covid-19 positive

  • Provide care for or live with a person who is infected with COVID-19

What are the signs or symptoms?

COVID-19 causes respiratory illness that can lead to pneumonia. Symptoms of pneumonia may include fever cough, difficulty breathing or a combination of these.

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