About the Covid-19 Initiative

DHM Covid-19 Initiative

With more than 3,000 Covid-19 infections and rising daily, Malaysia is the worst-hit country in Southeast Asia. While the government is making commendable efforts to curb the spread, it is hampered by resource constraint and the healthcare system is stretched to the limit.

Digital Health Malaysia (DHM) is responding to the government’s call to join in the fight against this pandemic. DHM recognizes that, in this hour of need, fear is our worst enemy. As the country deals with the pandemic, keeping the public well informed and assured is important.

Digital Health Malaysia (DHM) is a multi-disciplinary, not-for-profit association that aims to:

  • Promote exchange of ideas and knowledge among professionals, practitioners and academics from diverse backgrounds in the field of telemedicine and telehealth.

  • Generate new ideas and approaches in using IT and communication technology to improve and expand medical care and delivery.

  • Provide a platform for discussion and collaboration among the stakeholders.

DHM has created this portal for Malaysian as part of its’ CSR initiatives. This online portal consists of information centre, risk assessment and online chat with medical and mental healthcare providers. Malaysians can find updates on the pandemic situation worldwide and other credible and relevant information from the information portal. A simple to use online Self-Risk-Assessment is available for use by the public to ascertain their risks. Those at risk have the options of either browsing through our information section for more information on the infection and treatment; or to connect to a medical health care provider online to understand their risk, options and make informed clinical decision. A team of mental healthcare providers are also available to support those in distress. These are provided at no cost to the Malaysian public.

Our goal is to enable, inform and empower the Malaysian public so that they can be active participants in the community-wide management of Covid-19 in Malaysia. It is a community driven, CSR project from Malaysian, by Malaysian and for Malaysian. This is a pilot project which we expect will evolve with time, with a singular focus on addressing public health needs with respect to Covid-19 in Malaysia currently.

The DHM COVID-19 Team