Covid-19 Information

When do I need to be Admitted to Hospital for COVID-19
The following is the criteria where you are advised to be admitted to a designated hospitalfor treatment.PUI Covid-19who is clinically ill with.
What is a PUI for Covid-19
Person Under Investigation (PUI) This person who has BOTH Fever or Acute Respiratory Infection (sudden onset of respiratory infection with at least
The Importance of Social Distancing
Social Distancing is an important factor contributing to “flattening the curve”. Click here to understand more.
Personal Hygiene is Key
You can protect yourself and help prevent spreading the virus by practising good personal hygiene Wash your hands regularly using soap and
List of Private Testing Centers
List of RT-PCR COVID-19 test across Malaysia. Drive through and home visit.
List of MOH Admitting Hospitals
This is the list of MOH ADMITTING HOSPITALS for ‘PUI nCoV & Confirmed nCoV’ (PUI is Person Under Investigation).
Fears of Home Quarantine
You may be required to be quarantined for home surveillance under the following circumstances when you have Been discharged home after recovering
COVID-19 At A Glance
COVID-19, also called the novel coronavirus, is a respiratory illness caused by a virus, first identified in Wuhan, China. The virus causes